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The Pinnacle Holdings Group is focused on opportunities in crypto-currency projects that provide stable returns for those who hold the tokens that back our operations. We consult by providing management and development tools for crypto startups looking to bring new ideas, products and systems into reality. This is a new age in technology and The Pinnacle Group is providing the bridge to the future. Come grow with us and participate in our vision by owning a stake in our Group.

The Pinnacle Holdings Group 
Focused on opportunities in crypto-currency projects that provide stable returns. 

[ Consulting ]


We offer consulting to startups looking for direction and the tools to bring a vision to reality.

[ Asset Management ]


Our team looks for opportunities that have profit potential to grow the value of our revenue backed token.

[ Token Creation ]


Projects are backed by tokens created to fund operations that grow in value as revenue produced is shared by holders.

[ Project Development ]


This is a new age of technology, and we provide development tools needed to bring ideas, products and systems into reality.

[ Opportunity ]


The Pinnacle Holdings Group offers everyone an opportunity to benefit from the growth of the Crypto world without and technical knowledge or investment of time.

[ Stable Returns ]


By participating in our tokens you share in our growth. A portion of our revenue is allocated to repurchase tokens therefore increasing their value.

An opportunity to get into crypto-currencies without any technical training, and watch your investment grow. Let us do all the work.


Asset Management 

Project Development



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