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Pinnacle tokens are being issues to raise capital to fund operations as well as startup opportunities. The token's revenue will be derived from fees collected for services performed for consulting and business development as well as asset management. Tokens are being issued until we reach our goal of 2 million USD, equivalent to 2,000,000 PINN valued at 1 USD each. Once this goal is reached, we will cease issuing coins and begin revenue allocated buyback of outstanding tokens on a monthly basis, and will continue until all coins have been repurchased.


Pinnacle Token Specifications

Ticker: PINN

ERC20 Token

Max Supply

100 000 000.000000000000000000



Circulating Supply

2 000 000.000000000000000000

Token Address


Pinnacle Tokens can be purchased on IDEX or EtherDelta exchanges by following the links below.

IDEX: https://idex.market/eth/pinn

EtherDelta: https://etherdelta.com/#0x1df6eadc2e1e9f4cbb2d94369210d8f1b790ee19-ETH


Mining Partners Tokens (MPT) are being issues to raise capital to fund the purchase of mining contracts to mine the most profitable altcoins. A portion of the proceeds from mining operations will be allocated towards the repurchase of tokens issued. Mining Partners Tokens (MPT) are not minable tokens and represent a finite count. Mining contracts have been pre-negotiated with a reputable hardware mining provider to achieve the most competitive prices available in the market today.

Tokens are being issued until phase 1 projections are met;

     Phase 1 : 5,000,000 USD, equivalent to 10,000,000 MPT valued at 0.50 USD each


Mining Partners Tokens can be purchased on EtherDelta exchange by following the link below.





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